PadhamCain Design Group



Our firm provides complete design and specifications of hospitality, retail, and consumer product projects. This includes site and merchandising planning, construction and fabrication administration, and installation services. We have extensive experience in creating new, high impact concepts and branding.

In these projects our leading objective is to express the client’s goals, identity and culture in carefully detailed design and materials exploration. With each project, large or small, it is the goal of our firm to create exceptional work. 


To realize exceptional work, we seek to craft outstanding design, then carefully manage the project, and work to build, fabricate, and install it accurately in conjunction with the project team. In the process we continually look to improve productivity and efficiency. To that end we develop our own easy-to-use online project management websites that can be shared with client staff, contractors, and consultants. This greatly increases quicker, more informed decision-making from easier document access and more productive communications. In the end it produces better work at a better cost. See them at:
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